BOC ANME Cutting Nozzle


  • Brass and copper material provides maximum heat dissipation and cutting performance.
  • Precision-machined and hand-finished to give a positive seat.
  • Orifices are swaged to minimise gas turbulence and slag accumulation, whilst the nozzle design provides excellent gas-mixing for fast pre-heating.
  • Smoother nozzle surface reflects heat and reduces splatter accumulation.
  • Every nozzle is inspected and flame-tested at the point of manufacture.

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Acetylene Nozzle Mix (ANM) are manufactured from solid copper alloy. The mixing of the Oxygen and Acetylene gas is confined to the nozzle, such that the acetylene gas is held at low pressure, an drawn into the nozzle by suction.

Additional information

Sizes available for cutting range (mm)

1/32 – Max 6.0mm
3/64 – 12.0mm
1/16 – 75.0mm
5/64 – 100.0mm
3/32 – 150.0mm
1/8 – 300.0mm