Koike Oxy-Acetylene (102HC) Cutting Nozzle


  • Each KOIKE cutting nozzle is designed for proper gas efficiency and to provide the highest cutting accuracy.


  • Made in Japan. Koike’s top level production facility and quality management system ensure each cutting nozzle to be of Koike quality.


  • All 100 series cutting nozzles are designed to help prevent damaging flashbacks and backfires into the torch.

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Oxy-Acetylene (102HC)

  • Koike Standard nozzle
  • Suitable for both hand and machine cutting

Additional information

Sizes available for cutting range (mm)

102HC x 00 – 0-5mm
102HC x 0 – 5-10mm
102HC x 1 – 10-15mm
102HC x 2 – 15-30mm
102HC x 3 – 30-40mm
102HC x 4 – 40-50mm
102HC x 5 – 50-100mm
102HC x 6 – 100-150mm
102HC x 7 – 150-250mm
102HC x 8 – 250-300mm