Koike IK-12 Portable Beetle Machine


  • Multiple Use Oxy-Fuel Machine – Performs high quality straight, circle, and bevel cuts. Single model imcludes 1 torch and 3 tips.
  • Stepless Drive System – Maintains constant travel speed even with high temperatures ensuring stable, trouble-free cutting.
  • Lightweight – At only 9.5kg, easy to carry and use yet rugged enough to be true workhorse.
  • Use on Radiagraph Tack – Possible replacement for discontinued Radiagraph; user can use existing track.
  • Extendable 1800mm Track Sections – Cut longer parts.
  • High Quality Tips – Koike’s superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smoooth cuts.

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The IK-12 Beetle is your economical solution when it comes to performing various straight or circular cuts and bevels. With its precision ground disk and cone drive system, reaching all speeds within range is achievable with just the simple turn of the speed dial. It is simple enough to operate that virtually anyone can understand and become an expert within a matter of minutes. Just set your flame, set your direction and dial in your optimal cutting speed.

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Cutting Thinkness


Cutting Speed


Speed Control

Single cone system



Power Source

110v or 220v