Greenworks GPWG2 110 Bar High Pressure Cleaner

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High-pressure washer Greenworks G2 is a household appliance operating from a 220/230 V network to remove contaminants using water under pressure up to 110 bar with the possibility of using detergents. The mini-wash belongs to the wire technology of Greenworks company from the 220V line .

The water intake is actually from any tank with a hose. After that, the water enters the pump, where the water pressure increases. Further to the handle-pistol, the water comes under pressure and at the outlet of the spray tube you get a jet that easily cleans any household pollution. Due to various mud mills, the shape of the jet can be changed. The efficiency of the washing operations depends on the choice of the milling cutter used.

Additionally, you can use a container with detergent. In this case, the water coming through the gun mixes with the detergent and a foam is formed, thanks to which the stubborn dirt is removed much more easily. Use of warm water up to 40 ° C is allowed.

Aluminum motor winding can withstand high vibrational electrodynamics loads. Stable construction. Plastic, rubber wheels make it easy to move the sink when working. The body of the device is made of durable plastic, which provides a compartment for storing the hose. Above is a convenient carrying handle.

Additional information


Corded (220-230 V) ~ 50 Hz


1400 W

Maximum water temperature


Rated pressure

7.6 MPa

Allowable pressure

11 MPa

Nominal water flow rate

5 l / min

Maximum water flow

6.6 l / min

Maximum water inlet pressure

0,7 MPa

Maximum water temperature at the inlet


Sound pressure level

82 dB

Sound power level

92 dB


4,0 m / s2 K = 1,5 m / s2

Protection class


Width (packing) cm


Height (packing) cm