Panasonic G3 Welding Robot


  • Weaving Function (6 patterns)
  • Parallel Shift + RT Axis Rotating
  • Torch Angle Display (Teach Pendant)
  • Overlap Function (CO2/MAG welding)
  • Arc Start Retry (CO2/MAG welding)

Robot Manipulator

  • External Type
  • Though-Arm Type
  • Separate Type

Power Source

  • CO2 – Full Digital
  • TIG – Full Digital

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G3 Controller with High Performance

  • Faster CPU reduces start-up time to about 30 seconds
  • Approximately 50% reduction of start-up time from previous model
  • Standard of 40,000 teaching points (20,000 points more than previous model)
  • Optional memory allows storing 800,000 teaching points

Improved Maintenability

  • Swivel rack in the case makes maintenance easy and saves space
  • Cables with connectors on both ends reduce cable exchange time

Teaching Pendant with Enhanced Operability

  • Same basic operation procedure with previous model
  • Easy to use Windows based operation
  • Light weight design under 1kg giving you less stress during teaching
  • Liquid crystal LED back light improving impact resistance
  • USB and SD memory interface realizing great expandability
  • Increased number of function keys from four to eight
  • Enabling same action with less key strokes during teaching

Additional information

Robot Manipulator


External Type

Focused on wire feedability

Through-Arm Type

Focused on reducing cable inteference

Separate Type

Superior wire feedability and reduced cable interference

Standard (TM-1400)

Max Reach : 1437mm

Long (TM-1800)

Max Reach : 1809mm