Panasonic TAWERS WG3 Welding Robot


  • Dust-Proof Mechanism
  • Advanced High Speed Control
  • Advanced Shorter Arc Control (Less spatter)
  • Overlap Function (CO2/MAG welding)
  • Arc Start Retry (CO2/MAG welding)

Robot Manipulator

  • External Type
  • Though-Arm Type
  • Separate Type

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What is TAWERS?

TAWERS is the fusion of power source and robot controller, creating only one single point of control. It is the first and only robot system that completely integrates the power source (welding machine) into the robot controller. The robot controller controls BOTH the robot movements and the welding power source.

TAWERS Welding Technology

  • MTS-CO2
  • Normal Pulse
  • HD Pulse

Optional Add-On

  • Active Wire Feed Process (AWP)
  • Zinc-Coated Steel Technology
  • Arc Brazing Technology
  • Active TAWERS Aluminium

Additional information

Robot Manipulator


External Type

Focused on wire feedability

Through-Arm Type

Focused on reducing cable inteference

Separate Type

Superior wire feedability and reduced cable interference

Standard (TM-1400)

Max Reach : 1437mm

Long (TM-1800)

Max Reach : 1809mm