Wikus Marathon Band Saw Blade


  • M42 cutting edge
  • Positive rake angle
  • Standard set
  • High precision in terms of straightness and planeness of the backing material


  • Further increase of blade-life
  • Less frequent blade changes
  • Low operating noise
  • Lower material allowance
  • Less finishing
  • Significant cutting cost savings


  • Medium-sized to large work pieces
  • All metals up to 1000 N/mm²
  • Profiles and solid materials
  • Single layer and bundle cuts

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The MARATHON® M42 is the ultimate economic band saw blade and stands for a broad application spectrum at a consistently high quality.Thanks to further development, the proven product characteristics have been optimized even further; MARATHON® M42 also has a superior looking, shiny and smooth surface as a result of our Super-finishing.

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3035 X 27 X 0.90 X 4/6T
3035 X 27 X 0.90 X 5/8T