Nitto HiBroach HSS Annular Cutters


  • For use on Nitto Kohki Atra Ace magnetic drilling machines and morse taper adaptors
  • One-Touch Cutter – simply push in
  • Cuts holes three times faster than conventional twist drills
  • Provides self centering effect to extend cutter life with no pilot hole required

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BROACH CUTTERS are far better than twist drills:

  • No dead point
  • Peripheral cutting
  • Blade cutting resistance reduced by 50%
  • Available diameter size: 12~100mm
  • Test Drilling is very often the only way to determine the machinability of difficult materials. Use a small size cutter wherever possible in order to minimize trial costs.

Additional information

Size Available

12mm x 25mm to 50mm x 25mm
12mm x 50mm to 50mm x 50mm