S-Weld 316L Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

Notes on Usage:

  • Keep dry. If damp, dry the electrodes at 150C for 30 minutes before use.
  • For X-ray quality level, dry at 250C for 30 minutes.
  • Use small current and keep the arc as short as possible.

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S-Weld SS316L-16 is a titania type electrode, all position. The weld metal makes low carbon austenite structure which contains proper quantity of ferrite. Excellent intergranular corrosion resistibility is obtained. It is suitable for chemical vessels and AISI 316L steel used at low temperature.

Additional information

Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%)

C : 0.033
Mn : 1.20
Si : 0.50
P : 0.016
S : 0.010
Cr : 18.20
Ni : 11.50
Mo : 2.24

Typical mechanical properties of weld metal (N/mm2)

Tensile Strength : 550
Elongation (%) : 35

Welding Positions

All positions, except vertical down