S-Weld MP680 Multi- Purpose Welding Electrode

Notes on Usage:

  • Keep dry. If damp, redry the electrodes at 300C for 60 minutes before use to avoid pinholes or porosity found in weld metal.
  • Use small current for dissmila metals welding. Keep the interpass temperature below 150C.

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S-Weld MP680 is a titania type, multi-purpose electrode. The weld metal makes austenitic structure which contains proper quality of ferrite. Crack resistibility is good. It is excellent for the welding of dissimilar metals, cladding steel and steels with high hardening properties.

Additional information

Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%)

C : 0.12
Mn : 1.35
Si : 0.49
P : 0.015
S : 0.010
Cr : 28.60
Ni : 8.80

Typical mechanical properties of weld metal (N/mm2)

Tensile Strength : 720
Elongation (%) : 30

Welding Positions

All positions, except vertical down