Callington Calguard Anti-Spatter Liquid


  • Reduces downtime for cleanup tasks
  • Non-flammable
  • Uniform spray with no bubbles
  • User safe
  • Economical

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Calguard Anti-Spatter Spray is water based, paintable, cost effective
and non-flammable agent for the prevention of weld-spatter adhering
to metal surfaces during the welding process.

Calguard Anti-Spatter Spray has outstanding performance preventing
spatter sticking to a wide range of steels, including mild steel,
stainless, steels and aluminium.

Calguard Anti-Spatter Spray avoids the need for mechanical abrasion
or grinding of weld spatter following welding. It contains corrosion
inhibitors for base metal protection. Calguard increases the life of
torch components saving time and money. Eliminates spatter build up
which results in poor gas flow causing pitting, porosity and burnbacks

Additional information

Directions For Use


Welding Torch

Spray Calguard Anti-Spatter Spray before welding in a thin and uniform film onto the areas to be
protected. Hold spray can approximately 30 cm from the surface to be protected. Also use the spray
to protect the interior and exterior of nozzles, the end and outer surface of contact tips, and all other
potential areas which are subject to weld spatter. It may be advisable to spray diffusers and the base
of the nozzle support as well

Base Metal

Spray Calguard Anti-Spatter Spray hold spray can approximately 30cm from surface to be protected.
Spray a thin uniform coating. Do not over apply solution as excessive solution application may be
detrimental to the weld quality.